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Career Path Guide

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Project Overview

Duration:  Nov 13th - 14th, 2019 (2 days)


Role:  Project manager & Design Lead

Team:   2 FE engineers, 2 BE engineers, 2 Designers

Project Result:  Hack 14 Best Hack Winner


Keywords:  Persona, Web Design, Data Visualization


This was my first hack at Glassfoor and I'm very proud that I pitched the idea, recruited the youngest hack team and won the best hack award. This project was later further developed into the Glassdoor Career Insights product. 



Problem we are trying to solve here




For students/people who want to do a career switch

It's easy to find individual job postings of a specific job function, but it's difficult to get insights on the general skills needed for a certain occupation or how they could grow on what kind of career path.

For people who want to move forward with their career 

They want to know how they match the requirements for the next level;

Lots of searches need to be done to see the salary information of different levels;

They might not know when to start searching in the job market.


Glassdoor's opportunity

Job seekers come to Glassdoor for job postings and company reviews. I think if Glassdoor wants to maintain the relationship we build with job seekers after they have landed on a position, there's a huge opportunity on being the guide along the career path.

How Might We

Help job seekers get holistic information on the career path of an occupation?

Now introducing you to...

Glassdoor Career Guide


lets meet our user


Hello, this is Nandy. I'm a product designer. I'm concious about my career growth when looking for jobs.

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Recently, I'm looking for the next level job opportunities and came to Glassdoor for researching company and jobs.


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Ohhh...this new career guide feature looks interesting. I'm wondering what's there.

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This is COOL! I can see the career path for designers and also the common skills, years of experience etc needed for different levels!


I also like it doesn't only show the requirements, but also lets me know how I compare according to my profile.

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It's so easy to see how much more I can potentially make as well. (Incentive!!)

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Nice, nice! Then I'll know when might be the best timing to start looking and also check out these job opportunities.

Full Demo Video

Estimated Viewing Time: 46 s

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