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Job Seeker 

Email Engagement

Project Overview

Duration: Jul. 2020 - Dec. 2020


Role: Design Lead

Team collaboration:

Product (1), Engineering (5), Product Marketing (2)


Keywords: User Journey; Engagement; Mobile Design

The mission of B2C Engagement team is to deliver the most relevant information to job seeker's inbox and bring them back to site. In this case study, I included the process of establishing the overall engagement email strategy and couple email examples.

email header pic.png

Approaching the Design Strategy

When I started working on this team, I began to think about the holistic email experience instead of diving into each email campaign directly. I dived into the previous user researches, analyzed the current email experience, and organized couple design workshops, in order to figure out the goals and principles for overall email experience, and the gap between the ideal experience & current experience.

Below are some deliverables of this design strategy exploration. 

Understanding Job Seeker Journey

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 3.42.18 PM.png

I summarized the GD Job Seeker Personas into the shared experience job seeker journey below, so it's easier to refer to by stakeholders.

Job seeker journey with black box.jpg

Current Email Experience

How's the current email experience like? I visualized all the emails an active job seeker on Glassdoor can get from Day 1 of regisration to Day 30.

email viz.jpg

How we Wish Job Seekers Feel About the Emails?

In one of the workshops, I facilitated a discussion on the emotion we are trying to deliver in the emails and the content that contributes/breaks the ideal feelings. This served as a great Dos & Don'ts reference.

Emotions in Emails defenition.jpg

More Content on the Way!

I'm still building the content of this project, please come back and check later :)

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